Create a school website Teacher

Create a school website Teacher

Create a school website Teacher

Create a school website Teacher

For the needs of school education required good and complete information. School information systems using online websites have become a necessity for schools today. But most school websites are still rigid in presenting information.

Here are the important information displayed on your school website:

school profile
Student data
Teacher and employee data
Student activity data
School facility
Important announcements
School contact information and school address

School academic information system

In addition to displaying information, the school website should also have a good information system for internal school. School academic information systems can assist in school management. But to build this required the creativity of the school as needed. One school with another school is different in its application. The following is an overview of school academic information systems that can be built:

Input value by teacher. Each teacher is granted login privileges to the website to input student value.
Recapitulation of values, the school system can display the recapitulation of student grades per class, so as to facilitate walikelas in making student report cards.
Distribution of teaching contracts between student-teacher-subjects.
Student database. With the database of students based on structured data it will be easy for schools to manage students and classes.
Teacher and employee database.
New student enrollment system. By providing a new student registration system online it can make it easier for prospective new students to enroll.

Involve teachers and students in utilizing the school website

Strategies that can attract students and teachers to access the school’s website by encouraging teachers to write articles on subjects that can be published on the school’s website. In addition the teacher can upload the important files of the subject matter to the school website and require the students to download the material to the school website.

Students can be asked to make a good lesson article so that the best selected will be published to the school website. Students can also create creativity vidoe or other works that can be displayed to the website.
Provide interactive features on the school website

An interactive feature on the school website should be provided. To support this requires an operator who is always online or no contacts can be contacted via chat. This will make the website look alive and always update.
How to create a school website

To make school wesbite things that need to be prepared are as follows.

Domain SCH.ID. Terms for domain SCH.ID can be seen here ->
Provide server or hosting.
Preparing school website and information system. This package can be found here => School Webiste Script
In the package of the school website has been provided guidance on how to install and manage with live stay only. The management of the website is quite easy because it is designed specifically for schools with simplified settings so it is easy to understand without having to learn much more, just with the basic capabilities of computers and internet only.


Create a school website Teacher

Create a school website Teacher

To build a good school webiste it is necessary commitment together. The principal may point to one person managing the website but based on our experience this will not work well if it is only charged to one person. By creating a good system and rules on the management of the school website will be able to maintain the sustainability of the website and many benefits that can be obtained.

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