Download GTA V (5) For Pc

Hi guys! whats up!!!! geez!
Today i want to share a popular game that is really famous right now
Yeap, it’s Grand Theft Auto Five! is it cool?! isn’t it!
Okay the step:

Download the patch:
Link Mirror 1 or Link 2 (DropBox)
How to create custom resolution:Here

Link won’t load or open? Try a request custom.

How to Install?

1. Download the Patch File from one of the links listed above

2. Extract files to game’s folder. (simply navigate to game’s folder) eg. “C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppsCommonGAME NAME HEREC:Program FilesGameDeveloperNameGAME NAME HERE

3. Open the file “Ragnos1997 Launcher” from game’s folder. (previously extracted file)

4. Follow instructions given inside CMD Window

5. Enjoy your game!

Best regards, C0EG!

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