How To Easily Learn Coding For Beginners

How To Easily Learn Coding For Beginners

Hello Evrybdy … Lets Study with meh… u can need this information … how to easy to Learn Cooding…
This time I will not discuss the material about coding logic first. What I will discuss now is about how we learn coding. Maybe for people who have been in the world of programmers, coding is not a frightening and difficult thing because it is their daily food course in addition to eating rice yes hahah

How To Easily Learn Coding For Beginners

Although I admit, I am also not a master of programming but here I will give a little discussion of my own experience in mencoding.

Where should we learn to mencoding or learning about programming languages ​​???

1. Choose a programming language that your friends want to master. It is up to any programming language, can be desktop programming languages ​​like java, c + +, c, and many others or web programming languages ​​such as php and others. But I suggest java language, because my blog discuss about java and java in my opinion is not too difficult.

2. Always try mengotak especial coding. With our fiddling with coding we will know and will be unavoidable with the name of coding.

3. Error is a natural thing in learning. Everyone who is learning must often experience the name of error, as well as my own.

4. Look for tutorials from books, whether it’s friends buy books or borrow books up to friends. In addition to books can also search through the internet with google embah. Can also ni read on this blog, again promotion ni hehehe ….

5. Spend a few hours a day for coding. Remember the Javanese proverb says “Tresno jalaran soko kulino” which means likes it because it has been unavailable. So if my friends are already familiar with coding then over time my friends will like. What else if we find an error and we can overcome it it feels like the fall of the collapsed durian.

6. Join existing forums and start sharing knowledge with others.

Then to learn java I give a little direction an should start from where first. Kalo I myself in learning java delicious follow the path like this.

1. Read first about what java is and what it needs.
2. Learn how to create a project, I recommend using netbeans IDE.
3. Learn data types and operators.
4. Learn condition selection (IF – ELSE or SWITCH CASE).
5. Learn looping or looping (FOR, WHILE and DO WHILE).
6. Learning Method (FUNCTION and PROCEDURES).
7. Learning a one dimensional array and also two dimensional or matrix then also array of many dimensions.

I think that is enough to make friends understand about java programming language. It is the basic material in lectures called algorithms. You must master it first to learn java further because there are still many if we talk about java.

That was what I can share this time. Keep the spirit of coding and do not give up if it encounters an error. for a little science about java.

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