Transformice Scroll map code

Hy bros!
On this post i gonna show you, right that’s transformice scroll map code. you can see it.
Check it Out!

There’s a code for transformice scroll map!

Up down and left right scroll map:
<C><P F=”4″ L=”4800″H=”3000″/><Z><S /><D /><O /></Z></C>

Actually its a secret. there’s a code for no plank.

<C><P mc=” ” /><Z><S /><D /><O /></Z></C>

Hope you love it!

If you don’t know how to make it, you can follow this step.

1. copy the code
   ex: <C><P mc=” ” /><Z><S /><D /><O /></Z></C>

2. Paste it on transformice

3. finally, you can do what do you want to do! you can also change the background.
Hope you enjoy  it! bye~!
If you want to see the video you can also visit it

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